Bhigwan: Watercock found in Ujani Dam leader

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Bhigwan(Pune); Leading News Service: Till now we may have seen domestic chickens, but now for the first time a water fowl has been spotted in Ujani dam. This waterfowl is found from the Himalayas of India to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Andaman, Nicobar Islands, Maldives, Sri Lanka etc. In the Ujani reservoir, hundreds of species of birds migrate from the country and abroad and travel thousands of kilometers for the mating season. Agni Pankha, Rakhi Bagla, Chitrabalak, Tutari, Patta Kadamba and other birds are included.

One of these is now found for the first time by party lovers and tourists in Ujani dam area of ​​Bhigwan area in Kumbhargaon area. This waterfowl is called Kemkukdi or Tumtum. In size, this bird is bigger than the village tit. Red beak, small triangular shaped yellowish horn-like scales on forehead, yellowish under tail, red legs, brown, black in color. Brown thick and wide stripes are also seen on it. This bird looks just like a domestic chicken. Umesh Salle, a bird lover from Kumbhargaon, has recently observed this bird. Salle said that it was found for the first time in Ujni.

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