A farmer died in a tiger attack! Wife’s attempt to save her husband failed leader

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Chandrapur; Leading News Service: A sensational incident has come to light that a 45-year-old farmer, who went with his wife to install a pipe on the dam, was picked up by a tiger from his own farm today (11th) around noon on Tuesday. This incident took place at Savargaon Shetshiwar in Chimur taluka on Tuesday (11th) around noon. The wife tried her best to save her husband, but could not save his life as the tiger carried him in its mouth towards the forest. After almost three hours, the body of the farmer was found in the hands of the forest department. The name of the deceased is Ishwar Govinda Kumbhare and he was a resident of Savargaon in Chimur taluka.

The peculiarity of the incident is that farmer Ishwar Kumbhare has his own farm at a distance of 2 km from Savargaon. There is a dense forest adjacent to the farm. There is a tiger in this forest. Therefore, there is an atmosphere of fear in this area for a long time. On Tuesday (11th) morning, the farmer had taken his wife along for field work. While both husband and wife were planting turi at some distance in the field, around 2:30 in the afternoon, a tiger suddenly came from the forest and attacked the husband Ishwar Kumbhare. After catching this farmer in its mouth, the tiger went towards the forest. Seeing this whole thing happening in front of his wife, she got scared. To save her husband, she ran towards the country where the tiger had gone. The wife rushed to the nearby farmer for voting. In a state of great fear, the wife told the other farmers everything that had happened.

Some farmers came running to help. They went from the spot towards the forest in search of the farmer, but could not find him as the tiger took him into the forest. Meanwhile, Rasekar, field assistant of Neri Bita, was informed about this incident. Rasekar along with his colleague reached the spot along with Forest Range Officer Deulkar. After a three-hour search, the body of farmer Ishwar Kumbhare was found in the forest.

He is survived by his wife, a son and a daughter. He was the man of the house. His death has left the family in the open. There is mourning around Kumbhare and there is a lot of fear in Savargaon area. In this area, a few months ago, a woman working in the field was mauled by a tiger. The woman had saved herself with great help. Since then, there has been an atmosphere of great fear among the farmers and farm laborers in this area. Farmers are repeatedly demanding tiger settlement. But the forest department has failed to make arrangements. Due to this, huge anger is being expressed among farmers, agricultural laborers and citizens. Citizens have demanded immediate financial assistance to the families of the deceased.

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