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Akole (Town), Udari News Service : Rekha Tushar Lahoti (Pune age-40), a married woman, died on the spot due to a terrible accident involving a four-wheeler on the Navlewadi fork on the Kolhar Ghoti state road in the taluka. Two were seriously injured in this accident and have been shifted to Pune for further treatment.

The Lahoti family from Pune had come to Bhandardara area on Friday to enjoy Kajwa festival in Bhandardara catchment area which is a tourist spot. After seeing Kajve at night, the Lahoti family and their friends in two other cars left for Pune around night time. While going towards Sangamner on the Kolhar-Ghoti state highway, Tushar Lahoti lost control of the car at around 2:00 midnight and the car directly hit a banyan tree near Navlewadi fork. Due to the high speed of the car, there was a big accident.

Tushar Lahoti, his wife Rekha Lahoti, daughter Tanvi Lahoti and Tushar Lahoti’s father Shivprasad Lahoti were sitting in this train. Tushar was driving the car while his wife Rekha was sitting on the adjacent seat. However, due to the severity of the accident, Rekha suffered more injuries and died on the spot. The remaining three injured were shifted to Sangamner for treatment.

All four were trapped in the car after the accident. All were evacuated with the help of local citizens. Tushar is not seriously injured in this, his condition is stable. However, his father Shivprasad Lahoti and his daughter Tanvi have been shifted from Sangamner to Pune in the morning, their condition is critical. In this case, sudden death has been registered in Sangamner city police station on the information of Vishal Suresh Navander.

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