Nashik: Shirsate Gram Panchayat first in the state in the Vasundhara competition leader

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Nashik : Leader News Service

The winners of the ‘Mazi Vasundhara 3.0’ 2022-23 competition, launched for sustainable development by conservation, protection and preservation of the five elements, were felicitated by the Chief Minister on the occasion of Environment Day in Mumbai. In this campaign, for the third year in a row, Gram Panchayats of Nashik district have won the state level prize, this year three Gram Panchayats were honored.

Shirasathe Gram Panchayat of Igatpuri taluka stood first in the state, while Shinde of Nashik taluka and Vinchur Gram Panchayat of Niphad taluka secured the third position in the state in different groups. Also, Zilla Parishad Chief Executive Officer Ashima Mittal was also honored for the excellent implementation of the campaign.

Since the start of my Vasundhara Abhiyan, Nashik district has been renowned for its state level awards. In the first year, Pimpalgaon Baswant Gram Panchayat of Niphad taluka got the first rank in the state, in the second year the same Gram Panchayat again got the first rank in the state, while Chandori of Niphad taluka and Shirasathe Gram Panchayat of Igatpuri taluka got the state level award. In this third year of the campaign, the district has done excellent work and has taken the initiative to make the village eco-friendly. This year, Shirsate (Igatpuri), Vinchur (Niphad) and Shinde (Nashik) village panchayats have received the state level award.

Shirasathe Gram Panchayat has come first in the state in the population group of 2 to 5 thousand, Shinde Gram Panchayat has come third in the population group of 5 to 10 thousand, and Vinchur has come third in the population group of more than 10 thousand. Shirsate village has received the award in the special award related to land component.

On behalf of the State Government, on behalf of the Department of Environment and Climate Change, Majhi Vasundhara Abhiyan has been undertaken for environmental balance and protection in the local self-government bodies of the state. All the village panchayats of Nashik district participated in this campaign which is being implemented on the basis of the five elements of earth, air, water, fire and sky. In the month of April, the works of all gram panchayats were uploaded on the website of the government. Desktop verification of these works was done by Govt. After this, the actual verification of selected gram panchayats was done on behalf of the third party appointed by the government.

Chief Executive Officer of Zilla Parishad Ashima Mittal, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Water Supply and Sanitation Department Deepak Patil, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Gram Panchayat Department Ravindra Pardeshi, Dr. Varsha Fadol, Sarpanch of Shinde Gram Panchayat Gorakh Jadhav, Gram Sevak Suresh Bhojane, Sarpanch of Shirsate Gram Panchayat Gokul Sadgir, Gram Sevak Hanuman Darade, Village Development Officer of Vinchur Gyandev Khairnar, District Chamber Advisor Ravindra Barathe, Harshal Desai were present.

A point of pride for the district: Mittal

It is a matter of pride and joy for the district to receive three state level awards for the third year in a row under Majhi Vasundhara Abhiyan. Good works have been done in the district to conserve the environment and make it an eco-friendly village through people’s participation. Sewage and solid waste management works are also being done under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The gram panchayats selected for the campaign were given information and planning about the work to be done in this campaign. Chief Executive Officer of G.P. Ashima Mittal informed that ‘Village Action Plans’ have been prepared and implemented accordingly.

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