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Sameer Bhujbal

Walhe (Pune) : As the wide-narrow game of Palkhi highway begins in the city, massive traffic jams and series of accidents are going on. Suddenly the palanquin road becomes one-way in front of the Lavathaleshwar temple. The number of pedestrians is high in this place. Those people walk only on asphalt road, so there is no road for vehicles. The road ahead is sometimes wide and sometimes narrow.

Bus stand to Dr. Encroachments up to Ambedkar Chowk (Baramati Corner) removed. However, due to lack of road widening, motorists drive on narrow tarmac roads. There is a sudden wide, sometimes suddenly narrow road ahead and there is a steep climb after passing the police station. On this hill is the road leading to Jejuri town. Accidents always happen there.

There is a very narrow bridge before the industrial estate. Two businessmen from Nire died at this place. Further accidents are happening frequently in the main square of the industrial estate. Next to the industrial estate is a very narrow dangerous road between Bhorwadi Fata and Nira. From Kamthwadi near Valhe to Nira is a very dangerous and difficult journey on the Palkhi Highway.

A protective wall has been constructed by the railway administration during the expansion of the railway next to Kamthwadi, and in the meantime it is very necessary to widen the Palkhi highway and complete it. However, it is clear that no one is paying attention to this yet. At all these places palkhi is installed as a safety device during the palanquin ceremony. But, after twelve months this condition remains the same. It is the job of the National Highways Authority to minimize these dangerous spots. However, local residents said that they are playing games with the lives of passengers without doing it.

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