Ratnagiri: Power supply cut off for about 12 hours in many villages of Sakharpa, Dabhole Panchkroshi leader

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saved; Leading News Service: In many villages of Sakharpa and Dabhole Panchkroshi in Sangameshwar taluka, the power supply was interrupted around 8 am today on Monday. Finally, power supply was restored by Mahavitran after 8 pm. The citizens of Sakharpa and Dabhole Panchkroshi have been accused of suffering a great deal due to this chaos of Mahavitaran. Due to interruption of power supply, office work was also disrupted.

For the past few days, the taluk has been experiencing intense heat. So the citizens are literally shocked by the heat. In addition, as the power supply in the villages of Sakharpa Daskroshi was interrupted for the whole day on Monday, the elderly, children, pregnant women and sick patients suffered a lot. At the same time, there was a serious problem of drinking water. At present, the work of four-lane Ratnagiri-Kolhapur highway is going on and along with it, the work of erecting electricity poles is also going on in Dabhole and Sakharpa Panchkroshi.

During this work, while cutting the trees on the road, it is understood by the officials of Mahavitaran that there was a delay in restoring the power supply due to the fact that Mahavitaran noticed the pole lying in the forest near the power house in Tivare Medhe late. Meanwhile, the electricity consumers are demanding that a certain time should be given for the electricity work on the highway so that the electricity consumers will not be inconvenienced and the Mahavitraan should look responsibly so that the electricity supply will not be interrupted.

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