Nanded: Girl left home at midnight for mobile leader

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Nanded, Pudhari News Service : A minor girl left home in the middle of the night as her mother did not allow her to use her mobile phone much, but the girl reached her home safely due to police vigilance. 14-year-old Aarti (name changed) stormed out of the house on Tuesday midnight after her mother did not allow her to use her mobile phone. Not sure where to go, she wandered on the road at Hingoli Gate. At the same time, Damini caught the eye of Ganpat Burphule, a police officer of the squad. Burphule got suspicious and took Aarti to Wazirabad police station.

Police personnel Asha Narle and Meenakshi Hasargonde started interacting with Aarti. Initially, Aarti misrepresented his name and other details, so the police became suspicious. After they asked Aarti in confidence, she told the truth about her name, parents’ names and other details, leaving the police in a daze. It was two o’clock in the morning. After Aarti told her that she was studying in Class IX, Agalave contacted the school principal and sent Aarti’s photo to him. The principal immediately recognized Aarti and contacted her parents, who all turned up at the police station. After everyone arrived at Thane, Aarti refused to go home.

Counselor Praveen Aglave, knowing Aarti’s mentality, immediately called his wife Raveena to Thana asking Aarti to stay with me as my daughter. After understanding the situation, Raveena also agrees to accept Aarti as her daughter. Now fearing that these people will take her away, Aarti agrees to go with her parents.

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