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Dr. Manoj Shingade

Osteopenia is a serious disease caused by urban lifestyle. Osteopaths now call it a ‘lifestyle disease’.

Calcium and Vitamin D are the concrete for bones. By the age of 30, bone density is at its maximum. Of course, this requires a good lifestyle. Deficiency of both of these elements occurs around twenty years of age if there is a breakdown in lifestyle. Improper posture, improper sitting posture, lack of routine exercise, day spent in closed room, impact exercise without warm up due to lack of time, smoking and drinking as fashion, consumption of caffeinated products, cola-coffee culture, lack of healthy diet, stressful daily life, Bones and cells weaken at an early age due to factors such as hormonal imbalance. That is why osteopenia is a disease of low bone density.
There is a difference between osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Bones become weak in osteoporosis disease. Bone mass in the bones decreases and they become brittle and brittle. Along with bone pain, this disease increases the risk of bone fracture. This disease is called a ‘silent disease’ because it spreads slowly and eventually reaches a stage where it cannot be treated. Osteopenia is the beginning of the process of increasing bone problems. Osteopenia is the initial stage of loss of ‘bone mass’. Bone density is reduced in this disease. Later this disease takes the form of osteoporosis.

Bones remain strong only if the body gets proper amount of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D-3 and minerals. Sports, walking, swimming, jogging can control this bone disease. Milk, curd, ghee, buttermilk, green leafy vegetables should be included in the diet. Osteopenia occurs due to lack of ‘D’ vitamin, calcium, magnesium etc. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. Vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight and milk. Care should be taken that the hands, arms and face are exposed to the sun two to three times a day for ten to fifteen minutes. Magnesium and calcium are bone-strengthening factors. Calcium is also useful in keeping delicate tissues safe and preventing many diseases. Maximum consumption of fruits and vegetables in the diet fulfills the requirement of calcium. It is important to have a balance of calcium and magnesium in the body.

Regular exercise and yoga are beneficial in osteopenia. When lifting weights, the body works against gravity. At this time the bones are stressed. If the bones become brittle or lose their density, they cannot bear weight. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of bones along with other body parts to remain functional. Osteopenia can be prevented by changing eating habits. Take nutritious food. Foods rich in calcium and vitamin D should be abundant in the diet. Eating vegetables, milk, dairy products as well as fish strengthens bones. A regular intake of 1500 mg of calcium is beneficial. It is also important to keep the body weight under control. Because the weight of the body is held by the bones. Bones are for supporting the body. Unreasonable weight gain puts excessive pressure on the bones and can lead to fractures if they are brittle.

Make it a habit to walk at least one kilometer every day. Walking is beneficial to increase ‘bone mass’. It is important to be physically active all the time. If this habit is not started at the right age, the body does not remain active and the bones become increasingly brittle. However, if bone complaints occur with age, it should not be ignored at all. After the age of 40, a bone density test should be done. This test is called ‘Dexascan’. Even if there is pain in the bones, this test should be done. Normal individuals do not need to be tested. Of course, low bone density does not mean arthritis. Deficiency of vitamin D, diabetes, thyroid gland disease, poor nutrition during pregnancy, smoking, alcoholism are responsible for osteopenia.

But we cannot forget that many bone related diseases have their roots in our lifestyle. Lack of regularity in lifestyle. Also the stress and rush has increased. The body does not get enough nutrients. Also junk food, fast food also causes lack of essential nutrients in the body. Therefore, bone density does not increase properly until the age of 30. In such a condition, the possibility of osteopenia increases. Many people are facing this problem in big cities. Taking time out from running and focusing on exercise and diet to maintain the body is the mantra to get rid of such serious diseases.

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