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Chandrapur, Leader News Service : On Tuesday, heavy rains lashed Chandrapur city along with the district, flooding the adjacent Sinala Masala drain. Due to this, a pregnant woman was obstructed in reaching the hospital. A woman has given birth to a cute baby after being safely swum through waist-deep water on a stretcher while giving birth keys. This incident has come to light on Tuesday from Warwat village near Chandrapur city. The lady who gave birth to the cute baby is Shubhangi Rahul Lonbale R. Varwat.

After the rains lashed the district including Chandrapur city on Tuesday, citizens were in a huge panic. Roads in the city were flooded. The Meteorological Department also reported that 242 mm of rain fell in twenty-four hours during these days. Due to torrential rains, all the streets of the city were flooded and the sewers and drains of the city were overflowing. Most of the city was flooded. Even the streams adjacent to the city swelled. Due to this, there was a problem for citizens while traveling. A similar problem arose when Shubhangi Rahul Lonbale, a pregnant woman from Varavath near Chandrapur city, reached the hospital. But the villager administrative system rushed to Alaya and she reached the hospital as soon as she gave birth. Warvat is a small village in Chandrapur taluk and adjacent to the city. On Tuesday, due to heavy rain in the district including Chandrapur city, the bridge on Sinala Masala Marg was flooded. Due to this, the traffic on this route was stopped. As it was dangerous to go this way for fear of life, the coming and going was stopped.

Similarly, Shubhangi Rahul Lonbole, a pregnant woman, went into labour. There are no maternity facilities in the village. So it was necessary to go to the hospital. But because it was raining heavily outside, the family became worried. There was no idea what to do. However, her family decided to take Shubhangi to Chandrapur in an auto so as not to endanger her life. The drain on Masala Sinala Marga, which was to be traversed, was flooded. Water was flowing over the bridge. Traffic was stopped. Throwing an auto from the drain was dangerous. When the villagers understood this incident, some villagers came running. Gram Panchayat member Vinod Munghate informed the former sarpanch of Sinala village Bandu Raipure over the phone. Raipure and his colleagues reached with an ambulance to pick up the woman.

An ambulance was on one side and a pregnant woman giving birth keys was on the other side. The stretcher in the ambulance was removed as it was dangerous to throw the vehicle in the flood water. The employees and villagers joined together. The woman was put on a stretcher. And villagers and ambulance crews made their way through waist-deep water from the flood itself. After crossing the flood water on the drain, the pregnant woman was brought to the ambulance. From there, the woman was taken to the hospital. After admitting Shubhangi Lonbale to the hospital, doctors immediately treated her. The woman has given birth to a cute baby. Both mother and baby are safe. The woman and the villagers will always remember this incident of life and death trying to find a way through the flood water.

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