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There is sadness in losing a match; But the intensity of that grief depends more on how that match is lost. In a Kohli-Rahane field, 90 overs to score 280 runs seems easy enough; But to solve that math, it takes Nigraha on the field, be it from the family of Gavaskar, Dravid, Laxman or Tendulkar. When that historic Test was bowled by (current coach) Dravid-Laxman, he spelled victory. We planned to play the first day and the pressure was on; Then we thought about the session and going beyond that to just survive the next over, thought about that and played the day and turned the match around. The question is the pitch environment of the Eden Gardens and the Oval; But the difference is more than that of our mentality. None of the Indian batsmen seemed to think that we have to stand there and pitch our tent. This defeat happened to the cricket team of India; But more than that, it was about our mentality and, in turn, tactics. In fact, it was the lack of tactics that stood out. We lost the Test in the second session of the first day; But his team’s struggle on ventilators officially ended on the fifth day. If we want to analyze the reasons for this defeat, we have to start with the captain and the coach. (WTC Final 2023)

Rahul Dravid himself has played the role of savior many times; But the team didn’t see his experience getting anywhere. What exactly is the role of batting coach Vikram Rathod and bowling coach Paras Mhambre? Indian batsmen were leaving their off-stump and getting out or getting trapped by the slips easily. Players who play Test-level cricket do not need to be taught batting technique; But if Rathod and Mhambre Guruji had given them lessons on how to approach in a given situation or how the line and length of the bowlers should be, then how come all the boys failed? The team should get the best coaches in the world. Discipline of foreign coaches is not necessary, but it is necessary if he is getting wins. (WTC Final 2023)

Indian captain Rohit Sharma’s team selection and toss decision was the root cause of India’s defeat. We didn’t play Ashwin against Australia, who have always struggled with off-spinners, but Umesh Yadav. Who was his third or fourth bowler. On the first day, we bowled with only cloudy skies for the first hour and not having enough bowlers to take advantage of the Australian Marya. The first season was a modest success; But the aggressive fielding was not done by hitting Travis Head in the rough phase. In short, instead of trying to get wickets, we waited for wickets. We conceded 157 runs in the third session on the first day. Rohit Sharma had no strategy to stop it.

In England, the emphasis is as much on the sim as the swing when bowling the Duke ball. Initially we used cross sim, wobble sim; But we have not used the diversity of sim positions in the way that Boland, playing for England for the first time, has done. Both the line and the length of our bowlers were arbitrary. On the contrary, the Australian bowlers were harassing us from the same stage by turning the ball in and out. In the spin bowling, Nathan Lyon hit round the wicket, taking good care of the outside and inside of the bat and using his drift and flight to keep his chances of hitting the straight ball.

The Indian batsmen’s shot selection is a matter of concern. The main reason for India’s batting failure was the wrong delivery of the ball in the first innings and the wrong choice of shots in the second innings. In particular, in the second innings when the target was known to be certain in terms of runs or time, Rohit Sharma, Pujara, Kohli, Jadeja and Rahane returned their wickets. Instead of knowing the value of each ball, our batsmen seem to be in a hurry to reach some personal target.

After playing IPL for two months, the bat is used to T20. If you want to play in England, there is no option to play practice matches in the air there. You cannot win a match on the strength of Pujara’s practice alone. The Australian players were fresh, some had come from good practice at home, some had come from playing county cricket. Although they were not playing this match as a warm-up for the Ashes, the win served as a double warning to England. If the ICC trophy is not to be lost once again, ‘BCCI’ needs to pay attention to the four aspects of selection of players, reserve team, their workload management and coaches who give results.

– Nimish Patgaonkar

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