Bidri Sugar Factory: Defeat of those running away from ‘Bidri’ elections is inevitable: K. P. Patil’s target on Abitkar leader

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Bidri; Leading News Service: The election process of Bidri Sugar Factory was going smoothly. The final list has been published. However, as soon as it was realized that there will be no public support in the factory area, the MLA Prakash Abitkar postponed the election by withdrawing the illegal government order. This is the loophole of MLA Prakash Abitkar from ‘Bidri’ election. No matter when the election is held, their defeat is inevitable. We are going to appeal to the High Court against the order to postpone the elections, informed Bidri Sugar Factory Chairman, former MLA K. P. Patil in a press conference.

Patil said, the factory administration had made complete preparations for the election of Bidri Sugar Factory to be held on time. Accordingly, follow-up was also started with the concerned department. MLA Abitkar made continuous efforts to delay the election process. And by abusing the power only worked to stall the election of Bidri Sugar Factory. Our excellent management and high rates have earned us the trust of our members. MLA Abitkar, who only dreams of Bidri coming to power, has opposed good initiatives in the last decade. The Letter of Intent for the ethanol project undertaken by the factory as per the policy of the Central Government has been stopped at the request of the MLAs. If a project is delayed, the members have to bear the burden of interest of crores of rupees instead of the factory. The MLAs who are talking about the interests of the factory must put politics aside for the benefit of the members and cooperate with the organization. Constantly tried to figure out how the organization would get into trouble. This sugar factory is not owned by me but Bidri is the development temple of all the members. The present MLAs should not throw stones at this temple; He advised that.

He said, by the order of the government, the share amount has been increased by five thousand rupees. This decision has been made for the entire state. But the opponents are misguiding the members by distorting it. Common. Abitkar canceled this order and promised to refund five thousand rupees to the members. However, the Bidri administration has given relief to the members by taking this amount in three phases. Due to the trust of the members in the management of the factory, deposits of 27 crores have been accumulated on just one appeal.

Justice will be found in the court of members!

We who have been doing anti-journalism throughout the year. As Abitkar did not get a place among the members, the election has been suspended by the wrong way through the power. What they have done is wrong. While the elections of many institutions have started in the district, only the election of ‘Bidri’ has been stopped. However, this is illegal and has appealed to the High Court. But sure justice will be given in the court of members. Such confidence. P. Patil expressed at this time. Show your courage in the field. He gave this warning.

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