Hasan Mushrif: Did the authorities release the water with Chirimiri? : Hasan Mushrif | leader

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Cagle; Leading News Service: The officials of the irrigation department have not used the water carefully this year and also have not planned the water. Due to this, MLA Hasan Mushrif warned in a press conference that he will have to face water shortage. (Hasan Mushrif)

Only eight percent water i.e. two TMC of water is left in Kalammawadi dams. Monsoon will enter Konkan after 10th. So the current situation is that June 15 will be right to come to us. Rainfall is less in the month of June. The Meteorological Department has predicted the threat of El Niño. (Hasan Mushrif)

Dudhganga project has a big leak. Water has been released from the dam without any planning to remove it. It was necessary for the concerned department to provide administrative approval estimate and funds for the same and take further action. However, without doing so, the officials are free to release seven TMC of water from the dam. Therefore, there is a possibility of facing water scarcity. Mushrif clarified that this water shortage is not natural but man-made by the authorities.

Radhanagari dam had sufficient water storage. However, due to the current high temperature, the water in the dam has reduced due to evaporation. Officials have also released water from the project in Karnataka. At this time, Mushrif also expressed a doubt that the authorities may have done this by taking advantage of the water while releasing it.

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