Nashik: Income of four and a half lakhs from 20 bunches of cucumber, success story of a young farmer of Amode village | leader

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Nandgaon (District Nashik) : Sachin Bairagi

Nivritti Pundalik Pagar, a young farmer from Amode in the taluka, earned an income of nearly four and a half lakh rupees through cucumber cultivation. Cucumbers were planted in 20 knots of shed net. After 38 days cucumber yield also started. He earned about four and a half to five lakh rupees in three months from the income of this cucumber.

Pagar increased his income level by cultivating cucumber, chilli, gilke, kale, pomegranate by doing his traditional farming. He has currently planted cucumbers in 20 bunches of shed nets. Cucumber harvesting has started after 38 days, and as the cucumbers fetch a good price at present, income has also started to be generated from it.

So far in 15 to 16 stages, about 25 to 27 tons of crop has been harvested, while they expect to yield 5 to 7 tons more. For cucumbers, organic fertilizers, adulterated doses, drugs for spraying, mulching paper, tying of seed ropes cost up to Rs. Deducting this cost, he estimates that he will get a net profit of around Rs.4 lakh. They were also guided by Yogesh Bhadane, the representative of Pasura Company and the officials of Nandgaon Taluka Agriculture Office.

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