Nirvana Sawant’s son will play the juggling act of ‘Abhinay’ from ‘Hira Pheri’! | leader

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Pudaari Online Desk: Popular actress Nirvana Sawant’s acting son. He won the hearts of the audience with his powerful debut in the film ‘Shrimant Damodar Pant’ directed by Kedar Shinde. After that, along with the films ‘Akalpit’, ‘Thapadya’, it has reached the hearts and homes of the audience through the popular serials ‘Nakti’e Lagnala Yacha Ha! In the upcoming film ‘Hira Pheri’ directed by Amol Bidkar, the acting chemistry has gathered with ‘Boys-2’ fame actress Shubhangi Tamble. Along with that, there will be a juggling act with actors Vijay Patwardhan, Malvani Samrat Digambar Naik, stand-up comedy star Praveen Prabhakar, Nitin Bodhre etc.

About the movie Hira Pheri, Abhinay said, “Hira Pheri” is a full paisa wasool movie. Humor is a subject I am very passionate about. I can’t even imagine what would have happened without him. When Amol sir told me the lead character and his and the genre for this film, I agreed the moment. I have worked hard for this film. My character’s name is Vicky and he has run away and married but he is a son-in-law, father-in-law and son-in-law have a ‘Tom and Jerry’-like relationship and this different combination is especially funny. Vicky wants to become a star without struggling. The film is an interesting journey of what he does to earn easy money. I am very happy that this comedy film is coming in today’s fast paced life.

He said, “I remember an anecdote that will force me to say that when the shooting of this film was going on, it was bitterly cold. A romantic song was shot with Shubhangi, and that too was to be shot in a ‘swimming pool’. Choreographers Anupam Hinge, Pooja Kale, Khushbu Jadhav practiced the ruggad. But on the day of shooting, the night temperature was around 16 to 17 degrees. The entire unit was already frozen in this harsh winter environment. I was in the cold water all night. This is a very dangerous memory for me.

There is a magician in this movie. Actor Nitin Bodre has played the role. is His forgetful nature often led to laughter, be it on set or the entire set. We all called him Fumblekumar on the set. Your audience is growing! A single person can watch a movie for the price of one ticket in a cinema, but with OTT, the whole family can watch a movie on one subscription. I am very excited as this movie premieres next month.

Why should audiences watch the movie “Hira Pheri”?

Everyone should watch “Hira Pheri” if they want to forget all the tension in the world and laugh a lot. Today every person is in their own occupation – tension, but I am sure that when the audience will watch this movie, this tension in their life will definitely reduce. “Hira Pheri” is a full to money entertainment.

Humor has been ingrained in me. But I am still learning from my mother, she is the beloved actress of Akhya Maharashtra and I am very proud to be her son. The expectations of the audience are high, but I always try to act naturally, the actor in me, without taking any burden from them. Let’s see the distance is very long. I understand where it has just begun.

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