BJP broke the family, the price will have to be paid! : MLA Rohit Pawar | leader

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Karjat (City) : Leading News Service : After the split of NCP, some leaders of the party are discussing that Sharad Pawar’s age has increased and MLA Rohit Pawar’s age has decreased; But I will tell everyone, rather than discussing age, ideas should be discussed and I am with good ideas. We are justifiably proud of it. NCP MLA Rohit Pawar asserted that BJP has broken the Pawar family, so they will have to pay the price in the future.

Today, a meeting of NCP chief office bearers was held at MLA Rohit Pawar’s residence in Karjat. MLA Pawar had come to Karjat for the first time after the split of NCP. Because of this, a huge number of NCP and Congress activists came to meet him. At this time, the workers raised loud slogans. Sharad Pawar and MLA Rohit Pawar stand firmly behind him, he said.
After this, MLA Pawar made a compromise regarding the sequence of events. On this occasion, Namdev Raut, Suryakant More, Balasaheb Salunkhe, Gulab Tanpure, Deepak Shinde, Nitin Dhande, Sunil Shelar, Kiran Patil, Poptrao Khose, Usha Raut, Pratibha Bhailume, Jyoti Shelke, Swati Patil, Prasad Dhokrikar, Adv. Suresh Shinde, Mohanrao Godse, Santosh Mehtre, Satish Patil, Deva Kharat, Vishal Mehtre, Bhaskar Bhailume, Bhausaheb Tordamal, Iqbal Kazi, Angad Rupnar, Arun Lalge, Sanjay Lalge, Kothari, Umar Qureshi etc were present.

MLA Rohit Pawar said, BJP’s power will not come anywhere in the country and state. Due to this, they split into two parties, Shivse followed by NCP to get elected by breaking other parties. They will have to pay the price for all this in the coming time. No matter what they do, the picture is that people are against BJP. At this time, he told all the events of the NCP split to the workers. Youth and senior workers from every corner of the state are with the Nationalist Party. BJP did the job of creating a rift in the Pawar family. They will get their fruits in the future.

I have full faith in voters: Pawar
Many people are saying that they will come to my constituency. I also request them to come politely, because I served the people here for four years, so I have complete faith in the people here and their love for me.

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