Muharram spade ceremony in Kurundwad and surrounding area on 19th leader

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Kurundwad : Leading News Service The Muharram festival will start with the spade ceremony on Wednesday 19th, while the Khatal ceremony will be held on Friday 28th and the burial of the coffin will conclude on 29th. President of Muslim Central Committee Mirasaheb Patharwat, Shakeel Gargare appealed to all Bahujan Samaj members to celebrate Moharram festival in a devotional atmosphere during 10 days. A meeting was concluded on Saturday at 7 pm on behalf of City Pir Panja Committee in view of Moharram festival at Bairagdar Masjid here.

This time, after the completion of the spade ceremony on Wednesday, the Nalavidhi and Peer Panja installation will be held on Sunday and Monday, 23rd and 24th. On Wednesday and Thursday, 26th and 27th, the seventh and eighth visitation program will be concluded at night. On Friday 28th, Khattal ceremony and ditch-breaking program will be held. So on 29th Sunday, Pir Panja Visarjan will be held till late night. Bursting of firecrackers in front of Hazrat Daulat Shahavali Dargah has been banned on visitation day. So on the day of Khatal, during the Khai Ritual, the ritual should be performed carefully. Along with this, a unanimous decision was taken after discussing other topics.

Gargare thanked the municipal administration, power distribution company and police administration for their cooperation in solving the problems faced by the Moharram festival and for the peaceful and orderly completion of Moharram.

Members of Muharram Committee including former Mayor Farooq Jamadar, Shabbir Bhilwade, Mehboob Momin, Bashir Abi, Dastgir Bargir, Javed Bagwan, Ajit Patil, Jahangir Jamadar, Bushran Khatik, Majid Godad were present on this occasion.

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