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Dipesh Surana:

Pimpri: Dengue outbreak has been increasing in the city for the past 15 days. More than 1500 suspected cases of dengue have been detected in the last six and a half months. However, no patient had been infected with dengue till the end of June. However, in the last 15 days in the month of July, 9 dengue patients have been found. This has increased the anxiety. 1 thousand 644 suspected dengue patients were detected from January to July 11. So, at the end of Saturday (15th), a total of 9 infected patients of dengue have been reported. The medical department has received the information that all these patients were found in the month of July.

Symptoms of dengue
High fever, severe headache, muscle pain and joint pain, vomiting, pain inside the eyes, body rash, weakness, loss of appetite, dry mouth, under the skin, nosebleeds, vomiting of blood, abdominal pain, low blood pressure

Maintain proper amount of platelets in the body
In general, a person needs to have between one and a half to four lakh platelets. However, patients with dengue often experience a rapid decrease in platelet count after fever subsides. In such a situation, it is necessary to take adequate care of dengue patients as per the doctor’s advice.

What is the treatment for dengue disease?
Aedes aegypti mosquito is responsible for spreading dengue disease. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the breeding of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. There is currently no vaccine available for dengue. As this disease is viral, the disease is treated based on the symptoms, said expert Dr. Contributed by Sally Tulpule (M.D., Medicine).

What should be taken care of?
Maintain cleanliness in the house and the surrounding area
Empty the water in the tray under the flowerpot, cooler and fridge in the house every week.
The scrap material should be disposed of in the backyard or on the terrace.
If there are puddles of water around the house, it should be buried or water should be diverted to the relevant place.
Odomas should be planted to ward off mosquitoes. Also, use a mosquito net while sleeping.

Sentinel Center in YCM
A Sentinel Center has been made operational for definitive diagnosis of dengue patients at Yashwantrao Chavan Hospital of the Municipal Corporation. The report here is being taken into account to determine dengue infected patients. Therefore, the report of dengue patients receiving treatment in private hospitals is also going from here. Similarly, the medical department has asked the private hospitals and laboratories to update the information of dengue patients by creating a link on the Sarathi app of the municipal corporation. Accordingly, patients are being informed.

Notices to 287 persons
Commissioner Shekhar Singh recently warned that all establishments including industrial, construction establishments, offices, home institutions, houses and commercial shops should immediately destroy the mosquito breeding places in their places, otherwise strict action will be taken. To prevent dengue outbreak, the Municipal Corporation has taken the action of issuing notices to 287 people by inspecting various areas. Also, penal action has also been taken.

Rapid kits in municipal hospitals
Rapid kits for dengue testing have been made available in municipal hospitals and clinics. According to Health Medical Officer, release of guppy fish in clean water, survey of containers of citizens’ houses, survey of business places are being carried out for control of pest diseases. Laxman Gofane and Head of Health Department Yashwant Dange said.

A dengue patient needs to drink three to three and a half liters of water every day. Also, after admission to the hospital, the patient has to be given saline. Patients are given multivitamin and folic acid tablets. In some patients, this disease leads to very serious conditions. The platelets in their body can go up to five to six thousand.
– Dr. Sally Tulpule, M.D., Medicine

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