Finally, traffic jam strips came down on the Kalyan-Nagar highway leader

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Otoor : Leading News Service: On the Nagar-Kalyan National Highway, traffic-stopping white strips were installed at important places such as Monica Chowk, Khamundi in Otur and schools and colleges along the highway. Due to this, satisfaction is being expressed in the traveling class. Daily ‘Pudhari’ had reported on this from time to time. Two years ago, this highway was widened and strengthened. As the entire area of ​​Otur was rapidly urbanising, this very busy highway leading to Mumbai was taking a monstrous form of accidents.

Otur College, Kolmatha, ST Bus Stand, Monica Chowk, Ahinvewadi Phata have become major centers of accidents. On the 1st, between 9.30 pm, a car and a truck met with an accident at Monica Chowk. Fortunately, there were no casualties. However, three vehicles were heavily damaged. It is necessary to install notice boards, speed breakers wherever necessary on the Kalyan-Nagar highway. As the roads became smooth, the speed of vehicles increased. However, the news that there is a lack of measures to control the speed was published in the daily ‘Pudhari’ on June 3.

API Sachin Kandge of Otur Police Station also followed up on this. Satish Bagal and Deepak Gunjal, managers of the National Highway Road Repairing Group, pointed out the deficiencies on the highway. He took immediate decisions and completed the work of white belt, traffic jam at various places on the highway as required. Satisfaction is being expressed everywhere regarding the work.

On the Nagar-Kalyan highway, road dividers, speed breakers, notice boards, signals are very necessary in the entire area of ​​Otur College, Kolmatha, ST Bus Stand, Ahinvewadi Phata, Khamundi. Forming a circle at Monika Chowk can prevent potential accidents.
– Ashish Shah, Gram Panchayat Member.

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