…and the complainant did not move! The House laughed after hearing the sugar commissioner’s funny stories leader

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Pune, Leading News Service: On the first day after joining as Collector in Sangli, a gentleman came to our Gram Panchayat with a complaint of corruption of lakhs of rupees in the water supply scheme. ‘What exactly is the corruption in constructing a pipeline, well or water tank?’ When this question was asked, the answer came from the front that, ‘Sir, that is what you want to find…’ Sugar Commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad literally laughed out loud in the hall after listening to such scandalous stories from the administration.

On Friday, he highlighted the events of his 36-year long tenure at the West Indian Sugar Mills (WISMA) retirement appreciation program. The candidate who lost the Gram Panchayat election in Sangli said that he left the cabin because he applied on a blank sheet of corruption, and he did not come back to me for two and a half years.

There were some different experiences while working in different positions. Gaekwad does a good job by some political leaders. However, there was a message that do not go to public and make speeches. Because, who will call us? He expressed such regret. It was no fault of mine that I went on the stage and gave speeches when called by the farmers. But he said that he also hit me. While working in Shahuwadi, the sepoys there used to take the file from the Maweldar to the Naib Tehsildar. Between the two of them, a bottle of country liquor was kept at a place outside, first he would go there and then the next file, this also caused laughter in the hall.

After my transfer as Sangli Collector, I made a booklet from there and sent it to all MLAs. Accountability to the people and telling them what was done well is true democracy. We have not reached this democracy. On the contrary, he expressed regret that the emphasis is on giving less information to the people.

And that book did not reach the farmers

I wrote a 116-point book ‘Shetkaryanno Savdhan’ in 1996. He wrote a simple Vedanta and gave it to the farmers. However, what if the farmer becomes smart and wise? Agricultural expert Dr. There was laughter in the hall when one of the talathis recalled that the talathis bought 600 books from Budhajirao Mulik and took precautions that this book would not go further.

The fate of thanksgiving is due to the road of hardship

People from the places I worked are still in touch 35 years later. They also tell the good news of happiness and sorrow. So instead of working in a government job, one gets a gratitude ceremony like today after working hard mixing with farmers and people. As soon as I mentioned that it is because of the path of hardship that I have got this fortune today, there was thunderous applause in the hall.

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