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Ashadhi Yatra

Considered the god of the poor, Savalya Vithuraya has many ancient jewels in his treasury. Shri Vitthal-Rukmini is decorated with these ornaments and expensive clothes. This colorful ‘Rana of Pandhari’ looks more beautiful with diamond studded jewellery.

As the ranks come to get absorbed at the feet of Shri Vitthal-Rukmini, Rao does a lot of dati. These rich devout devotees have offered precious ornaments to God. There is also a precious Kaustubh bead in it. Numerous jewels of about two hundred years are found in the treasury of God. After the Sri Vitthal temple came under the control of the government, the maintenance of the treasure of God continues under the rule of the state government. This treasure of Sri Vithuraya is definitely not less than any other big temple. There are 50 to 60 precious jewels in God’s treasury. Although the dates of some of these major jewels can be traced, the dates of many jewels are unknown even to goldsmiths. Chief among these were ornaments.

  • Laffa: That is the diamond-ruby and emerald necklace around the neck. King Jayajirao Shinde of Gwalior has offered this jewel to Shri Vitthala. It is the most precious jewel in God’s treasure.
  • Pearl Bajirao Kanthi: This pearl necklace was last offered to God by the rich Bajirao Peshwa. It is a 46 pearl ornament with a diamond pendant in the middle.
  • Fish: In Shri Vitthal’s ears such jeweled fish are seen. There is no record of who offered this ornament to God. 145 gold-plated diamonds, 79 rubies, 588 emeralds are embedded in this matsya.
  • Bracelets: 80 diamonds are installed in this bracelet. Rich Sakravabai Rani of Kolhapur donated this bangle to Sri Vitthala in 1832.
  • Peacock Circle of Diamonds: This Diamond More Mandoli is adorable. It has 36 diamonds, 12 sapphires. Shrimant Ahilyabai Holkar has offered this peacock to God.
  • Kaustubhamani: It is the most precious jewel in God’s treasury. It has 12 diamonds and a Kaustubh bead in the middle.

Shree Rukminimata’s treasury is rich Like Shree Vitthala, Shree Rukmini’s treasury is also adorned with innumerable precious jewels. Many of these ornaments were offered to Rukmini Mata by devotees in the 17th and 18th centuries. So many ornaments are made with Utpat Sangam and offered to Mother Rukmini. Rukmini Mata’s treasury contains a garland of 60 mohars offered by the rich Bajirao Peshwa. Small and large pearl necklaces, diamond-studded emerald garsoli, tanwad joad, five-layered necklace, gold bangles, pearl patalya, diamond-studded moon and sun have been offered to Shree Rukmini Mata by Shinde Sarkar of Gwalior. Rich Ahilyabai Holkar has offered jewels such as painjan of gold bell, pearl necklace with diamond studded bracelet, bindi bijwara made of leaves, Patalya studded with diamonds. Gold bars offered by Bhausaheb Shinde from Barode can be seen. Shri Vitthal and Rukmini Devi wear these ornaments on all festivals from Chaitrasuddha Pratipada to Magh Vadya Dwadashi.
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