Ashadhi wari 2023 : Cucumber… Breakfast and Metro Safari! The routine of the warkaryas remained busy leader

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Pune : Leader News Service : ‘Discipline is important in war, I woke up in the morning, took a bath and attended Kakda. There was no travel today as I was staying in Pune. Had breakfast and rested. While having breakfast, one told me that metro is nearby. While coming to Wari for so many years, many people from Dindi are acquaintances. Govind Kawade of Latur was saying that I went with some of them and took a metro ride.

Palkhi ceremony of Shri Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj and Shri Sant Tukaram Maharaj was staying in Pune. Varkaryas staying in different parts of Pune visited some places in Pune. While in some Dindas, the Varkari is in the sun without moving all day long and there is a picture of being engrossed in bhajan. The main pethas of Pune were overflowing with warkaryas. Bhajans could be heard everywhere in the chanting of tala-mridanga.

Maruti Deshmukh, who came from the village of Matephal, said, ‘One has to participate in all the activities scheduled in Dindi. Most of our Dindi are farmers. There are laboring congregations, Haripathas or a few unbroken backs. But the Maharaja had already announced a competition for Abhang Pathanar. As it was a day of rest, today everyone recited the abhang and displayed it in front of everyone. Everyone happily participated in it.’

Relatives of Varkaryas from Pune were also present at some Dindy places. We could see the picture of these relatives also enjoying Bhajan and Kirtan for some time with Varkarya. Pandurang Gutalkar said, ‘The boy is in Pune for business, he came to meet. After afternoon bhajan he has taken us to show us around. We have brought some people from our own village with us.’

In the evening, preparations for kirtana were going on at Narayan Peth. With a microphone attached to the truck itself, some were hurling satranji at the Maharaja’s stand. Nivritti Kekan who was there said, ‘Maharaja’s kirtan is going to be performed. This preparation is going on. People from Dindi have gone for a walk in Pune. They have been told to come at four o’clock. After Kirtan, Maharaj will instruct everyone to leave tomorrow in the evening after having dinner. Accordingly, Dindi will leave from Pune early tomorrow morning.’ Haripatha could be heard at some places while walking along the road in the evening. Young Varkari could be seen engrossed in Haripatha while playing foot.

Visits to different places
Varkarya visited various places in Pune throughout the day. Ambika More, who came to see Shaniwarwada, said, ‘The main palanquin of Tukob participates in the ceremony every year. As I sing abhang well, I have the responsibility of saying abhang every day. Bhajan was performed in the afternoon, after resting now came to see Shaniwarwada.’ Crowds of devotees were seen at various temples including historical places.

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