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Kolhapur, Dilip Bhise : Even though the pockets of common people including city, district entrepreneurs and businessmen have been emptied by the pretext of double returns and the labyrinth of various companies, an American based online company has run a new investment fund by holding hands with local agents through a mobile app. 15 thousand investors have invested crores in 90 days with the hope of double returns in just 20 days.

The famous A. from Shahupuri. S. Managers of traders and affiliated companies fled from Kolhapur after swindling one and a half lakh investors from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa and other states of thousands of crores. It is said that six to seven directors along with the main leaders have taken refuge in Dubai. More than two dozen companies like Grobs Trading Services, Shubhtrade, Pinomic, Niwara Trust have looted thousands of crores by literally setting up market in Kolhapur city and district. Entrepreneurs, businessmen, big capitalists and common people have also pledged money from 50,000 to 50 lakhs to many companies by pledging valuable materials, jewelery to moneylenders in the hope of getting extra returns in the least time; But now let alone returns, investors have to go to court to get back at least the amount invested.

Local agent active

Despite the possibility of at least five and a half thousand to six thousand crores of fraud in the district through various companies, the representatives of a company in the United States have persuaded local agents, who are accused of Bakkal Commission, to invest about 15 thousand people. The online app promises to double the amount invested in 20 days. Moreover, as local agents are also active, amounts ranging from 10 thousand to lakhs are being invested.

Only one, two thousand in hand!

From 20 February 2023 to May, the company has done good business from the city, district. The accounts of some of the investors who invested first appear to have been credited. However, the accumulated amount cannot be withdrawn simultaneously. As the withdrawal limit is only up to one thousand, two thousand rupees, there is a picture of movement among the investors. Meanwhile, it is also said that the exact truth of the financial turnover of the company will be clear after a few days.

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