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How to decide the direction of study and job-business?

Many people have good marks after 10th, 12th, but the question is which branch to take admission. To solve that question, first students need to know their inclination. It is also important to understand the subject in which the student wants to pursue a career and also to see the interest, aptitude and ability in the subject. It is clearly wrong for someone to push a student to a branch without looking at their ability and without any consideration of their desire. Parents should be careful not to pressure their interests and expectations. Everyone should not underestimate doctors and engineering. It should also be noted that even children who score good marks are turning to Arts. The following tips can be helpful for them.

Check your personality: Guess what your temperament is, can you work alone with a large group, can you work by taking orders or can you take orders from others, can you use your own new ideas or do you find it easier to follow a path laid out by someone else.

Check what interests you: A person can easily complete the things he likes. For example, if you are good at cooking, hotel management is a great option, but if you choose a different field instead, you may not find it interesting. Doing things that one is not passionate about comes to everyone’s life.

What is your idea about money – Counselors say that money should not really be a career-defining issue. If you have the right skills, money will come to you automatically. Which job you get depends on which career you choose.

Check out what we are good at: Once you know what you are interested in, find out which areas you are good at. Check whether you are proficient in hard skills or soft skills.

Know what your strengths are: Observe yourself. Know your inclination. See what we are good at since childhood, what things we do easily. If the same type of field is chosen, you will be able to work more vigorously and achieve success.

Try to find out what kind of education you need: If you are short on time or have a lot of responsibilities, it is best to choose courses that can be completed as soon as possible.

– Suchitra Diwakar

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