Uganda Signs Anti-LGBTQ Bill: Death Penalty for Homosexuality! Approval of the law in ‘this’ country leader

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Kampala (Uganda); Leaders Online: Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has signed into law the country’s draconian anti-LGBTQ laws. It also includes a provision for the death penalty for homosexuality. The Ugandan government has taken the decision risking protests from Western countries and sanctions from donors. Same-sex relationships are already illegal in Uganda, as are more than 30 African countries. However, the new law has made this ban more stringent. (Uganda Signs Anti-LGBTQ Bill)

According to reports, the new anti-homosexuality law provides for the death penalty for ‘serial offenders’. Along with this, strict action can also be taken against the spread of incurable diseases like HIV/AIDS through homosexual sex. Apart from this, those who promote homosexuality have been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Ugandan human rights activist Claire Byerugaba has strongly condemned the government’s decision. “This is a dark and sad day for the LGBTIQ community, our allies and the country as a whole,” he said. (Uganda Signs Anti-LGBTQ Bill)

What Uganda’s President Said on Homosexuality (Uganda Signs Anti-LGBTQ Bill)

Byarugaba and other activists have decided to challenge the new law. At the same time, President Museveni, 78, called homosexuality a ‘deviation from the norm’. He urged MPs to resist ‘imperialist pressure’. Museveni sent the original bill approved in March back to MPs and asked for some provisions to be relaxed. However, the proposal, which has received the final approval from the President, does not show any leniency against homosexuality.

Uganda may be banned

It is well known that Uganda receives billions of dollars in foreign aid every year. Now that he has enacted such a strict law on homosexuality, they may face sanctions. Asuman Baslirwa, the bill’s sponsor, said Speaker of Parliament Anita Amang’s US visa was revoked after the law was signed. There was no immediate comment from the US Embassy in Uganda. The White House is also reported to have protested the bill, which was passed in March.

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