Belgaum: Life imprisonment for four in the case of murder of a woman in Ugar leader

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Chikodi, Leading News Service: Saddam Amin Bagh lived in the premises of Ugar Sugar Factory in Sai Nagar of Ugar Khurd (now Kagawad) town. 7th Additional District Sessions Court Judge S. L. Chavan today sentenced all the four accused to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs 20,000 each. As a public prosecutor Y. G. Tungal saw the work.

The name of the dead married woman is Sumayya Bage (age-22). Saddam Amin Bage (Rest. Ugar Khurd, Dist. Kagawad), Mrs. Afrin Siraj Nagnoore, Smt. Shainaz Siraj Nagnoore, Sultan Siraj Nagnoure (all three Res. Vinayakwadi, Dist. Kagawad) are the names of the accused who have been punished. Public Prosecutor Y. G. According to Tungal, the main accused Saddam Amin Baghe was living in the premises of Ugar Sugar Factory located in Sai Nagar of Ugarkhurd town of Kagwad taluka. His first wife had died. After that he got married with Sumayya, daughter of Yusuf Rasoolsaheb Mulla from Ainapur in the month of April 2020. Saddam had an affair with a divorced woman from his relative.

He killed his wife who was causing problems in this relationship along with her lover, her brother and her mother on December 17, 2020 at 11.30 pm. Sumayya was 5 months pregnant when she died. Still without mercy, the four killed her by holding her by the arms and legs while she was sleeping and pressing a pillow over her face just to marry her lover. A case was registered in Kagwad police station in this regard.

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