Upasana Sarma
Upasana Sarma

Celebrating Excellence: Upasana Sarma’s Award-Winning Start to the New Year

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The art and culture landscape witnessed a momentous beginning to the year as Upasana Sarma,also known as Upasana Queen the visionary entrepreneur and influencer from Assam, bagged three prestigious awards recognizing her outstanding contributions to the field. These accolades not only celebrate her entrepreneurial spirit but also shed light on her commitment to promoting arts and culture globally.

The first feather in Upasana’s cap is the esteemed Tejaswini Kalaratna Samman 2024 bestowed upon her by the renowned Dr. Chhaya Kumari, a distinguished Dentist and Artist from Jharkhand. The award was presented as part of the Jharkhand Pratibha Samman 2024, organized by the Revival of Tribal & Folk Art Foundation. Dr. Kumari, an eminent personality herself, commended Upasana Sarma’s exceptional contribution to the world of art and culture, acknowledging her role in fostering the revival of tribal and folk art.

In addition to this, Upasana received the Women Icon Award 2024 from the prestigious Women’s World Records & Awards of International. This recognition stands as a testament to Upasana’s significant impact in the realm of arts and creativity. The award underlines her influence as a woman entrepreneur and innovator, breaking barriers and inspiring the next generation.

Further adding to her list of achievements, Upasana’s brainchild, the U.S Art Gallery, has been nominated for the coveted title of Startup of the Year by the Influencers Awards. This recognition reflects not only Upasana’s entrepreneurial prowess but also the widespread impact of U.S Art Gallery in promoting artistic expression and cultural exchange on a global scale.

Upasana Sarma, born on December 14, 1999, in Assam, has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the arts and entertainment industry. Her journey began with the creation of the U.S Art Gallery, initially conceived as an Instagram page dedicated to showcasing the works of underrecognized artists. The gallery swiftly gained international attention, with artists from eight countries participating and contributing to its success.

What sets Upasana apart is not just her entrepreneurial ventures but also her deep-rooted commitment to social causes. In addition to founding and managing the U.S Art Gallery, she has established a charitable foundation. This foundation is dedicated to supporting aspiring artists from disadvantaged backgrounds, embodying her strong belief in creating opportunities for those less privileged.

Commenting on the recent awards, Upasana Sarma expressed gratitude and emphasized the collective effort behind her success. “These awards are not just a recognition of my work but a celebration of the incredible artists and contributors who make U.S Art Gallery what it is today. I am honored and humbled to receive these accolades, and they only strengthen my resolve to continue promoting art, culture, and social causes,” she remarked.

As we step into 2024, Upasana Sarma’s story stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and artists alike. Her journey, marked by passion, innovation, and social responsibility, reflects the transformative power of art and culture in shaping a better world. The awards she has received not only acknowledge her accomplishments but also highlight the growing influence of individuals committed to making a positive impact on society through their creative endeavors.

Stay updated on Upasana Sarma’s inspiring journey by following her on Instagram: u.s_art_gallery. Explore the world of art and creativity through her recently opened YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/@theUSArtGallery. Join the community and be part of the artistic experience that Upasana passionately shares with the world.

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