Celebrating Excellence: Upasana Sarma’s Award-Winning Start to the New Year

The art and culture landscape witnessed a momentous beginning to the year as Upasana Sarma,also known as Upasana Queen the visionary entrepreneur and influencer from Assam, bagged three prestigious awards recognizing her outstanding contributions to the field. These accolades not only celebrate her entrepreneurial spirit but also shed light on her commitment to promoting arts […]

Upasana Sarma, founder of U.S Art Gallery Unveils it’s Main Office in Assam and Honors Artists with Pinnacle Performer of the Year 2023.

It’s impressive to hear about the U.S Art Gallery’s significant milestone and the renovations to their main office located in the Nalbari District of Assam,Bharat. Upasana Sarma, the Founder & CEO, has curated an exceptional collection of iconic artworks, showcasing artists from various states across India. The inclusion of legendary artworks by prominent artists like […]

U.S Art Gallery Announces Winners of the RAJA RAVI VARMA INTERNATIONAL Online Prize Money Art Exhibition:

The U.S Art Gallery, founded by entrepreneur and influencer Upasana Sarma, recently concluded the highly anticipated RAJA RAVI VARMA Online Prize Money Art Exhibition 2023. This event brought together artists from 18 states, as well as international participants, showcasing their talent and creativity on a global platform. Upasana Sarma, known for her remarkable achievements in […]