Upasana Sarma, founder of U.S Art Gallery Unveils it’s Main Office in Assam and Honors Artists with Pinnacle Performer of the Year 2023.

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It’s impressive to hear about the U.S Art Gallery’s significant milestone and the renovations to their main office located in the Nalbari District of Assam,Bharat. Upasana Sarma, the Founder & CEO, has curated an exceptional collection of iconic artworks, showcasing artists from various states across India.

The inclusion of legendary artworks by prominent artists like Jaspreet Mohan Singh from Punjab, Minal Prashant Patil from Maharashtra, Dr. Chhaya Kumari from Jharkhand, Dr. Archana Sharma from Madhya Pradesh, Dr. (Hon). Subrata Chatterjee from West Bengal, Dr. Vidhata Dave from Gujarat, Dr. Kanchan Kumari from Uttar Pradesh, Dr. (Hon). Haripriya Narshimha from Telangana, Ram Krishna Agrawal from Uttar Pradesh, Debanjana Ghatak from West Bengal, Somesh Kumar Satapathy from Odisha, and Supriyo Som from West Bengal, ,Dibyasimha Behra from Odisha ,Dr.Juni Menon from Gujarat, Ami Lakhani from Maharashtra ,Ishanya Johar from Jharkhand ,Pradip Doshi,Dr.Santanu Ghosh from West Bengal from Gujarat is a testament to the gallery’s commitment to fostering and promoting art from diverse regions and artists.
With the renovation of the main office U.S Art Gallery also announces Pinnacle Performer of the year Award 2023 .The Artists who are selected for this award includes Dr.Juni Menon ,Jaspreet Mohan Singh ,Ishanya Johar ,Minal Prashant Patil,Ram Krishna Agrawal,Dr(Hon).Haripriya Narasimhan ,Rakesh Kumar ,Dr(Hon).Subrata Chatterjee,Ami Lakhani ,Sarrvajeet,Somesh Kumar Satapathy ,Debanjana Ghatak ,Dr.Santanu Ghosh ,Supriyo Som,Hiralal Gohil ,Dr.Yatindra Mahobe and Shankar Ghanshamdas Andani.
The vision of the U.S Art Gallery to kindle the artistic passion within these artists and to spread their works among different sections of the population is both commendable and inspirational. By showcasing this array of diverse artworks, the gallery is not only celebrating the talent and cultural richness of various states in India but also providing exposure and opportunities for these artists to reach a wider audience .
This initiative will likely contribute significantly to the appreciation and recognition of art from different regions, bridging cultures and inspiring creativity among audiences visiting the gallery. It’s a fantastic way to honor the artists and their unique contributions to the world of art.

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