Collected garbage and studied with the boy, Milek got success in class 10 leader

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Pune : He got married at a young age…therefore he could not complete his education….Urashi had a dream of education…but, as the situation was halakhic, he had to work as a garbage collector…She was working hard for her son to learn…but, he encouraged his mother to give his 10th exam. ….Both studied together for a year and passed the 10th exam. Now this mother-son duo has cleared the 10th exam together.

This is the story of mother Monika and son Manthan Telange. Monika, a garbage collector, and son Manthan have passed their 10th exam together with good marks. Monica has secured 51.80 percent while Manthan has secured 64.00 percent. Manthan expressed his happiness that we passed class 10th together.

Son Manthan became my teacher and helped me in my studies. Manthan also studied a lot. Together we gave the 10th exam. We are happy to have passed the 10th exam together. Happy to pass class 10th with my son. Manthan, who wants to become a doctor, is now preparing for the next exam. I want to do nursing course and prepare for 12th, said Monika Telange.

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