Crashes Truck Into White House Barrier: Arrested for hitting a truck on the White House security wall leader

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Washington; News Agency: In Washington, the accused has been arrested in connection with the truck hitting the security wall of the White House. The accused is of Indian origin, identified as Sai Varshit Kandula (age 19). After hitting the truck, Sai came out of the truck and started waving the Nazi flag. He said during the interrogation that he wanted to kill President Joe Biden. Planning for this starts from six months. Sai hired the truck from Virginia with original documents. (Crashes Truck Into White House Barrier)

Sai is a Nazi supporter. He says that Hitler influenced him. No weapons or explosives were found in the truck he hit. President Biden was in the White House when Sai hit the truck, this is special! Security of the White House has been increased after Sai’s attack. (Crashes Truck Into White House Barrier)

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