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Pudaari Online Desk: The shooting of the action fantasy film ‘Dil Malangi’ has started at a luxurious location in Mumbai. Actor Chinmoy Udgirkar, actress Nakshatra Medhekar, Meera Joshi are sharing the screen together through this film. According to director Sunil Parab, the roles of all the four in this film are very different.

For the production of ‘Dil Malangi’, Ramakant Govind Bhosle, Mrs. Producers Deepa Ramakant Bhosle, Pramod Murkute came together. This film is directed by Sunil Parab who has directed many quality dramas including ‘Soon Majhi Bhagyachi’, ‘Chavani’, ‘Chandri’, ‘Pahili Behat’.

The story of the film revolves around a young man, Satej Dhane Patil. During his college life, he had an open love…but when he realized that the girl he loved deeply was just passing his time, he lost faith in the concept of ‘love’. Obviously, he reaches Mumbai with the intention of focusing on his career. At chess, he succeeds in winning the heart of Harshvardhan Marathe, the surveyor of the advertising agency ‘Global Trans Media’. But tired of the daily journey in ‘Mumbai city’, he decides to say goodbye to this city. This upsets Harshvardhan, who gives Satej another chance. Satej’s stay in the office’s luxurious rest house begins and his life begins to revolve.

To see the next story of ‘Dil Malangi’ produced by ‘Sadguru Entertainment, Deepalakshmi’ you have to watch the movie. Narrator Swapnil Gangurde has written the screenplay along with ‘Haasyajatra fame’ actor Prathamesh Shivalkar. The dialogues are written by Prathamesh. The film stars Chinmoy Udgirkar, Astad Kale, Nakshatra Medhekar, Meera Joshi, Sanjeev Satyavijay Dhuri in the lead roles along with Narayan Jadhav, Shumal Bhabal, Prabhakar More, Srirang Deshmukh, Aamir Tadvalkar, Leena Pandit, Chitralekha Upasani, Rukmini Sutar, Mayur Dhuri in supporting roles. Artists like Shruti Haldankar, Swati Karnekar, Prashant Deshmukh, Mansi Bapat etc.

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