Give instructions to increase discharge by 1 lakh cusecs from Almaty: Krishna Flood Control Committee demands CM Shinde | Almaty Dam Water Discharge | leader

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bricks; Leading News Service: In view of the flood situation in Sangli Kolhapur, the Krishna Flood Control Committee has requested the Chief Minister Eknath Shinde to issue immediate instructions to the Karnataka administration to increase the release of 1 lakh cusecs from Almatti Dam. (Almatti Dam Water Discharge)

In view of the water level of Krishna River, the Krishna Flood Control Civic Action Committee has requested Chief Minister Eknath Shinde to take immediate steps to prevent the flood situation of 2019. The Yaba Bat committee has sent an email to the Chief Minister’s office today. (Almatti Dam Water Discharge)

It has been said that the water level in Almatti Dam in Karnataka is 514.94 meters (Almatti Dam Water Level). So the inflow of water in the dam is 1 lakh 14 thousand 445 cusecs while only 62.53 cusecs of water is being released from the dam. At the same time, heavy rainfall continues in the catchment area of ​​Almatti dam and other open catchment areas in Satara, Sangli and Kolhapur districts. Due to this, the people on the bank of Panchganga river are scared.

Today, the water level of Krishna river at Sangli is 533.90 meters, 13.9” feet and the water level of Panchgange at Kolhapur is 541.95 meters, 38.7 feet. There is a high possibility that the warning water level of Panchganga river of Kolhapur will rise to 542.26 meters, 39.00 feet and its danger level will go up to 543.30 meters i.e. 43 feet.

In fact, Central Water Commission’s November 2018 guidebook on maintenance and operation of Almatti Dam states that by keeping the water level at 513.60 meters from Almatti Dam at the end of July 31, if the discharge from above is left as it is, the water level in the Panchganga river basin will decrease and the fear of the citizens will decrease. Therefore, Vijay Kumar Dewan, Retired Engineer of Water Resources Department, Prabhakar Kengar and convener Sarjerao Patil have requested Chief Minister Eknath Shinde that the Karnataka administration should be given immediate instructions through us to increase the release of 1 lakh cusecs from Almatti Dam immediately.

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