Dudhsagar Falls: Ban on Dudhsagar Falls; Tourists had to take Utabasha leader

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Belgaum: Leading News Service: There has been heavy rain in the Castlerock area for the past two days. Due to this Dudhsagar Falls has flowed. Tourists thronged in large numbers on Sunday (16th) to see the waterfall. However, as there was a ban at this place, the police beat the tourists forcing them to protest. Therefore, the tourists who came to see Dudhsagar waterfall had to face police action.

Yashwantpur VASCO train departs from Dharwad at 9.30 am. She reaches Castlerock at 2pm. The same train further reaches Kulem at 3 pm. A large number of tourists arrived at Dudhsagar Falls on Sunday by this train. Tourists walk up to 12 km from Castlerock and 3 km from Kulem to see Dudhsagar Falls. However, a ban has been imposed by the Railway Department in this area. Therefore, the tourists were sent back after being punished by the police on guard. So the tourists flocked.

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