India welcome us concept based preschool ' playdays

India welcome us concept based preschool ‘ playdays

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Playdays a USA concept based pre-primary school
It has introduced innovative ways of learning for early learners in India. It is creating an ecosystem that facilitates education, driven by pleasure and joy for kids, thus redefining how early education in India is perceived.

Playdays is a unique concept based on USA kindergarten learning ways and the primer by the National association for the education of young children
Playdays focus on physical development social emotional language literature thinking and cognitive skills.

At playdays the basic Methodologies emphasize on imaginative play art and creative activities music story telling authentic hand work and honoring the rhythms of season and of life.

we provides a form of learning where children test out ideas, engage in playful problem-solving, ask questions, learn skills, explore concepts and express themselves freely. The curriculum and teaching include – Multimedia Early Learning Program (ELP) which is based on VAKT (Visual, Audio, kinaesthetic and Tactile).

It’s great to see Myra feeling excited about going to the school reciting the new poems and activities she did the whole day. Myra loves her teacher and has really developed the habit of sharing and caring says one of the parent Shraddha pandit . Parent of a nursery student.

Playdays vision and mission is to provide quality education in affordable price

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