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Karmo Dharma Foundation Such an organization whose social welfare Patterns are unique

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You must have seen many social welfare organizations and must have heard about them. Almost all the organizations do good work but they run with government and public funds.

Today we are going to tell you about an organization named as karmo dharma foundation whose working style is completely different. They are also doing social welfare work as well as playing a very important role in the health sector. They are Serving without government and public funds.

First let us know how this organization started

Mr. Zeeshan Ansari, one of the directors of this organization Karmo Dharma Foundation, tells that one day he had gone to a diagnostic center with his mother where her mother had to get an ultrasound done. The number was posted at the doctor’s place. And he was waiting for his number to come. That’s when a pregnant woman comes there, with whom another middle-aged woman comes, seeing whom it is not at all clear that they will have any relation with each other, however, that middle-aged woman whispers something while going to the counter. She gets the number of the woman who came along with her to get the ultrasound done and makes that woman deposit Rs.800 as doctor’s fee there. That woman starts waiting after depositing her fees. Then our number comes. Mother goes inside us. And I sit outside and wait for them. Mother comes out in a while. And we start waiting for the report to come.

After sometime the number of that woman also comes. And she goes inside but the middle-aged woman who came with her stays there outside. And after a while she goes to the counter. Where the person sitting at the counter gave him 400 rupees. And I was seeing all this scene with my own eyes. Before I could understand anything, the pregnant woman came out.

And both the women started talking again. It was a coincidence that the person sitting at that counter turned out to be my acquaintance and I asked him the whole matter, why did you give money to that woman. So he silenced me by telling me that it was the commission of that lady. Which is 50 percent.

Then after asking more deeply, it was found that ASHA workers and brokers in private sector hospital diagnostic centers do brokerage in the name of treatment at all these places. Suppose a pregnant woman gives birth to a child through operation in a private hospital and she has gone to that hospital through a broker or an ASHA worker. So the hospitalists will take Rs.25000/- from him, out of which Rs.8000/- will be given to ASHA or brokers as commission. The practice of this practice has spread from the capital Lucknow to the entire Purvanchal.

Inspired by this incident, Karmo Dharma Foundation was started. This organization has made an agreement with almost all the small and big hospitals of the city that karmo dharma foundation will provide you patients and spread your publicity without charging a single rupee. And in return, you will provide 50% discount to the patient who comes to you through this institution. What was it then, the owners of the hospital happily agreed. Then the organization started its membership campaign and within 2.5 years, more than 2 lakh people joined this organization and a large number of people got their treatment done in private hospitals, that too by paying very little money.

There is only one motive behind all this. That is the incident of that day seen by Mr. Zeeshan Ansari. Which shook them from inside.

Website: https://karmodharmafoundation.org/

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