Kolhapur News | Suspicious death of couple in Vadangay; Reaction after taking diabetes medication leader

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Vadange; Leading News Service: Madhukar Dinkar Kadam (age 59) and Jayashree Madhukar Kadam, a couple living in Dinde Colony of Wadangay (Taluka Karveer) died suspiciously on Wednesday morning. This possibility has been predicted by the daughters of this gentleman. Police informed that the viscera of both have been preserved. (Kolhapur News)

According to the information received in this regard, Kadam Dapatya is originally from Shivaji Peth. Kadam has retired from ST Corporation. A year ago, he came to live in a new house with his two daughters in Dinde Colony in Vadangay. Both these Kadam couple were suffering from diabetes for some days.

Fifteen days ago, both of them had taken Ayurvedic medicine from a doctor at Mukt Sainik Colony. On Wednesday morning, both of them mixed medicinal powder with water. Then Madhukar Kadam went out to fetch milk and his wife was cooking. In no time, Jayashree began to feel unwell and had trouble breathing. After some time she fell unconscious.

Madhukar Kadam, who had gone to the dairy in Shivparvati Chowk to fetch milk, was also seen by the citizens as dizzy. Citizens admitted Kadam Dapat to a private hospital in the city. But the private doctor asked both to be sent for CPR. Both were declared dead after CPR. The couple has two daughters Gayatri (age 19) and Vijaya (age 17). Both the girls are shocked due to the sudden death of their parents.

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