Kolhapur violence: Law violators are not cowed – Collector Rekhawar leader

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Kolhapur; Leading news service : Collector Rahul Rekhawar warned that law violators will not be punished. Collector Rekhawar inspected the riot affected area. After this he was talking to reporters. (Kolhapur violence)

He said, the entire situation in the city is under control. The entire district is closely monitored by the administration. Additional police force is being provided to maintain peace in Kolhapur. So everyone should rest assured. Citizens should not believe any rumors spread through social media. He also appealed to everyone to make efforts and cooperate with the administration to maintain peace in the city and district.

Kolhapur district has always been an interfaith and progressive district. Inspired by Rajarshi Shahu Chhatrapati’s work, achievements and his thinking, Kolhapur district has given progressive and modern thought to the world. It is the whole district which gives ideal thought to the world. He also said that we all should try to maintain Kolhapur’s footprint in the social sector, the person who violates the preventive order given by the administration will not be punished.

Committed to protecting citizens: Phulari

Citizens should not fall prey to rumors on social media. Also, Special Inspector General of Police Sunil Phulari has appealed not to step out of the house unnecessarily and add to the crowd. The situation in Kolhapur is currently under control. The hooligans who took advantage of the situation to terrorize the people and create riots are being traced and the action to arrest them will continue. A case will be registered against the culprits after taking cognizance of the damage caused.

At present, everyone should follow the preventive orders given by the local administration. Fullari has appealed to the citizens to contact the local police officer, police station or police administration on behalf of the police administration, which is fully committed to provide protection to the citizens.

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