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New Delhi; News Agency: The opportunity to watch Lionel Messi, the best footballer in the world of football, play in India came up. However, the All India Football Federation did not accept this proposal of Argentina citing financial constraints. So millions of Messi lovers in India have been disappointed. (Lionel Messi)

All India Football Federation Secretary Shaji Prabhakaran said that the Argentina Football Federation had contacted the All India Football Federation in this regard. He also proposed a friendly match. However, we had to reject this proposal. Because India did not have the financial strength to organize this match. This has made millions of Messi lovers mad. They missed the chance to watch Messi play in India. (Lionel Messi)

Prabhakaran said, ‘Argentina sent us a proposal to play a friendly match. However, we could not raise the money required for this. We needed a strong partner to have this kind of match in India. Argentina has great economic strength, we had limitations given our financial position.’

He further said, ‘Gulf countries are a different story. A match between India and Argentina would have been a big difference.’ However, Prabhakaran is optimistic about strengthening his ties with the Argentine Football Federation. He said, ‘We want to partner with the Argentine Football Federation. Argentina is also showing good interest. Their clubs are also looking forward to it.’

According to reports, Argentina had planned to play one friendly match each in India and Bangladesh. However, both the football associations were unable to raise the funds required for these matches. So Argentina played a practice match with Australia and China.

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