Meet youth icon 2023, JASS GEHLOT who’s inspairing the youth from his unbelievable success in music industry

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The 18-year-old artist has left no stones upturned and has emerged as a highly successful businessman and social media icon. Jass gehlot was born on 31 July 2004 in mathaniya (a town in jodhpur)
Just like his name, jass gehlot believes in leading from the front. Perhaps, that is why this 18-year-old young boy is today the youngest Youth Icon of India of his generation. It might be hard to imagine that jass gehlot knows his mind so well when boys of his age are still trying to figure out what to do after passing school. It is his unique personality and crystal clear deposition that makes him a motivational force on the social media platform.
He has just launched his NGO called Love About Them, he has done it for animals, its founders are Jass and Kanika.
It is this straightforward approach that helps jass gehlot to create an online personality that is not just an impression, but an expression of his true self
His father name is suresh gehlot he is a government officer and his mother is a housewife they are 2 childs of his parents he has a small brother And he is still single. Along with many famous models of Haryanvi music industry, the news of her affair also keeps coming.
He has 50k something followers on his Instagram is instagram handle name is @jassgehlot1 and he is a well known writer too.


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