The coronation ceremony of Shiva Rajya Abhishek was celebrated with enthusiasm at Raigad fort leader

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Poladpur; Sameer Butala: The 350th coronation ceremony of Shiva Rajyabhishek was celebrated with enthusiasm at Raigad fort. Various programs were organized across the state today on the occasion of Shiv Rajyabhishek Day. Raigad was duly worshiped by Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati. Thousands of Shiva devotees came from Nipani, Sankeshwar, Belgaum in Karnataka along with all over the state at Raigad.

On 6th June, at the crack of dawn, the fort of Raigad erupted with cheers of Navkranti, cheers of self-respect and roars of Shiva. Halgi players from Sangli and Solapur created new consciousness among the Shiva devotees at the fort by playing. The elderly grandmother had taken the contract on Halgi this time. On Monday itself, 40 akhadas of the state had entered the fort to show men’s sports. Many Shahirs stood in front of Shivakal. The importance of traditional sports in the state was being demonstrated through men’s games. Women were also taught how to defend themselves. Shirkai Mata’s Utsav was crowded by Shiv devotees. Along with the Holi garlands at the fort, Shiva devotees visited other parts of the fort and completed the Raigad fort campaign. Shiv devotees from many places in the state including Satara, Sangli, Solapur, Kolhapur, Jalgaon, Paithan, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Thane, Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Raigad had entered the fort.

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