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Pune, Leader News Service : Monsoon: The maximum temperature in the state has reduced. Now the possibility of pre-monsoon rain has increased. The Meteorological Department has predicted that monsoon will hit the coast of Goa and Maharashtra in the next 48 hours. The Pune Observatory has predicted that rain with thunder, lightning and gusty winds will occur at isolated places in Konkan, Madhya Maharashtra, Marathwada and Vidarbha till June 14.

The maximum temperature in the state was around 42.8 degrees Celsius at Wardha on Saturday; Meanwhile, the temperature of the rest of the city remained around 40 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the next few days will be sunny, but there will be rains. Pune city and surrounding areas are also expected to receive light to moderate rainfall. Monsoon

Monsoon: ‘Bipperjoy’ will move northwards

Monsoon continues to advance due to favorable conditions. Meanwhile, Cyclone Biperjoy, which has formed in the Arabian Sea, will move further north in the next 24 hours.

Monsoon entered Kerala as late as 8 days. However, due to the favorable environment, the onward journey of monsoon is getting easier. Monsoon currently covers rest of Kerala, parts of Karnataka, parts of Southeast Bay of Bengal, East Central Bengal, Bay of Bengal, most of Northeast Bay of Bengal, West Bengal, Sikkim. Monsoon

Cyclone Biparjoy, formed in the Arabian Sea, is currently in the Middle East Arabian Sea and will move northward in the next 24 hours and further northward in three days. After that, the intensity of this cyclone is likely to decrease. Apart from this, a low pressure belt has formed over the Bay of Bengal from northeast to southeast Bangladesh to the coast of northern Myanmar. It is currently over North East Bay of Bengal and its intensity is expected to decrease. Monsoon

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