Nagpur: Three-and-a-half-year-old girl abducted; The little girl was saved due to the vigilance of the auto driver leader

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Nagpur; Leading News Service: A shocking incident took place when a person kidnapped a three-and-a-half-year-old girl from Itwari railway station in Nagpur city on Saturday (17th) morning. Fortunately, the girl escaped from the clutches of the accused due to the action taken by the team of Nagpur GRP under the leadership of Police Inspector Manisha Kashid. Interestingly, this accused was caught in the CCTV along with this child. In the subsequent investigation, the accused could be nabbed immediately due to the help of an auto driver to the police.

According to the information received, this three-and-a-half-year-old girl, a resident of West Bengal, was waiting for the train at Itwari railway station with her family. While this family was buying tickets, the suspected accused was looking for an opportunity. Meanwhile, the accused kidnapped the girl out of sight and took her outside the station after luring her with chocolates. After that he got into an auto driver’s auto and came to Nagpur Central Railway Station. Since this girl was quiet towards the accused, of course no one suspected him. Meanwhile, while the police were searching for the girl, they found out that the accused had gone to Nagpur station after showing her photo to the auto driver. As soon as they were convinced that the auto was standing at this place, the police immediately detained the accused along with the girl from platform number 1 itself.

The accused came to Nagpur railway station in the auto of auto driver Mir Sarfaraz Ali. According to the Railway Police, information came forward that the accused was going to take the girl to Raipur. The police are thoroughly interrogating the accused to investigate other missing girls.

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