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Mumbai; Leading News Service: There has been a huge increase in digital transactions since the time of Corona. Digital transactions are relatively easy to make as compared to cash transactions. But, if there is any neglect while doing these transactions, one has to face a big financial crisis. In 2022, more than 95,000 UPI transactions were reported in a government report. Interestingly, these abuses were not due to technical reasons or glitches on UPI. So the respective customers are responsible for them. These malpractices are due to negligence, neglect or lack of complete knowledge of a matter shown by the customer. Against this backdrop, we have brought you information on eight major types of online fraud. Cybercriminals use these methods to defraud more and more customers.

QR Code : Cybercriminals tell the customer that money has been transferred through a QR code. The customer then scans the QR code. Enter UPI PIN. If this PIN is shared, instead of getting money, the customer’s account is deducted. Customers do not get the information immediately. So read the information carefully after scanning a QR code.

To ascertain the person: It is very important to verify the concerned person while sending money through UPI. Often cybercriminals pretend to be customer care executives or relatives. When customers trust them, they immediately cheat.

Google Search : One must be very careful while searching for customer care numbers on Google. Often such crimes are committed by calling the wrong customer care number. Cybercriminals plant fake customer care numbers on Google.

Change PIN: Many customers do not change their UPI PIN regularly. Many customers retain the old PIN as it is difficult to remember a new PIN every time. Similarly, online passwords do not change. Such abuses also occur from that.

PIN Sharing UPI : Don’t tell anyone the PIN. Fraud increases after sharing the UPI PIN with a stranger. Cyber ​​criminals withdraw money from your account through UPI PIN.

Public WiFi: Many citizens use public WiFi while doing online transactions. Abuses also take place through this medium. Use private networks whenever possible when transacting online.

Unknown link: Do not immediately click on emails or links sent by strangers. Get complete information first. Then open a link or email. Many online abuses are also done through this medium.

Downloading the app: Cybercriminals ask to download apps like TeamViewer, AnyDesk, QuickShare. Through this app, the customer is cheated by taking private information.

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