City: Villages in Gundegaon Panchayat Samiti are thirsty leader

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Ruichhattishi (Town): Leading News Service: As the Burhannagar water scheme has gone on the back foot, the water issue of 14 villages in Gundegaon Gana has come to the fore. Almost 50 percent of the people have bought water. Therefore, a question has arisen that how will the water problem in this area be solved. Villagers are demanding that MLAs and MPs pay attention to this issue. In the villages of Ruichhattishi, Watephal, Sakat, Dahigaon, Shiradhon, Pargaon, Gunavadi, Ambilwadi, Ralegan, Vadgaon, Tandali, Mathpimpri, Hatwalan in Gundegaon gantry of Nagar taluka, severe water shortage has started in summer.

The thirst of these villages is quenched through the Burhannagar Regional Water Supply Scheme of 44 villages. But at present, due to the work of Nagar-Solapur road, this plan has been put on hold. It is also necessary to increase the water circulation of Burhannagar Pani Yojana. The water cycle was decided by considering the population of these villages 30 years ago. Now the population has almost doubled, and compared to that, it is necessary to increase water circulation. Currently, there is a water crisis in this village.

Due to the division of the Nagar Taluka into the Vidhan Sabha, the Nagar Taluka has no rightful people’s representatives. Therefore, the water problem of the people of this area has become more acute. Funds for water were given many times from Zilla Parishad. However, the people’s representatives never took notice of it. Now 190 crore rupees have been sanctioned for Burhannagar water scheme. However, there is confusion about when its action will be taken. Therefore, there is a possibility that the villages of Gundegaon Gana will struggle for water in the future.

The leaders’ promises vanished
In villages and villages, mansions and settlements have become desperate for water. When Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, Zilla Parishad, Panchayat Samiti elections come, political leaders make promises. However, as no action is being taken in this regard, these promises seem to be disappearing in thin air.

Vikhe, five sons should take the initiative
MP Sujay Vikhe and MLA Babanrao Pachpute should take the initiative to solve the water issue. The villagers are demanding that the government should sanction a large fund for water. However, dissatisfaction is being expressed as MPs and MLAs are not doing anything about this issue.

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