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Santosh Shinde

Pimpri (Pune), Leader News Service: A young man was shot and killed in Chikhali while the incident of Kishore Aware’s murder in Talegaon was fresh. The police investigation has revealed the involvement of innkeepers in both these crimes. Therefore, it is highlighted that there is no one’s ‘watch’ on the movements of these criminals on the police record.

An independent Police Commissionerate was established in the year 2018 to bring crime under control in Pimpri-Chinchwad city. Due to which the khaki traffic increased in the city area. The local police along with the crime branch got behind the notorious gangs in the city. As a result, the gang leaders who dominated the criminal world literally dropped their boots; However, youths in their twenties, including minors, kept the city in turmoil. Lately, the involvement of criminals on record in serious crimes in the city is coming to light. Therefore, the efficiency of the police is being questioned.

Police failed to create a word

A record of all offenders with single and multiple offenses has been created to curb crime by innkeepers. According to this record, the police were expected to take maximum preventive action and arrest the criminals; But only paper horses were danced in the name of action. Therefore, it is seen that the police could not keep the word on the criminals on record.

The local police’s secret system is ineffective

Every police station has a Special Relief Society (SRSP) team. This team is responsible for collecting confidential information about small and big incidents happening in the territory. Also, a special police force is prepared for reliable information and surveillance of criminals in the territory. In the meantime, it has come to light that the planning of the murders that took place has been going on for months. Therefore, the question is raised on this occasion that what exactly does the secret system do?

Adoption plans failed

A criminal adoption scheme was implemented to prevent crimes committed by innkeepers. Under this scheme, each policeman was assigned the responsibility of one criminal. It was made mandatory for the concerned police to keep information about what the criminal in the adoption scheme does in his daily life, how he earns his livelihood, with whom he lives. The scheme was implemented by the then Police Commissioner Sandeep Bishnoi; But after his transfer, this plan was also seen to have failed.

Trading in jewelry; The need for a special team

It is coming to light that Gavathi Kattas are being used in the crimes taking place in the city. Cuticles are easily accessible even to young boys who have not cracked lips. Therefore, it has been highlighted that there is a trade in kattas in the city. In this background, the then Commissioner of Police Krishna Prakash had established a special team. At that time the team was given a ‘free hand’ to uproot the rackets of Kattya. Assistant Inspector Ambarish Deshmukh was entrusted with this responsibility. Now again the need for such a team has arisen.

Criminals on record are screened by each unit of the Crime Branch. Different tasks are given regularly for that. 150 to 200 criminals are checked every night. The police are also on the lookout for juvenile criminals.
– Padmakar Ghanwat, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch.

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