“Remember Akhilesh’s favor? …”Azam Khan’s question to the police officer, got a heartbreaking reply | leader

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Leader Online Desk : Samajwadi Party MLA Azam Khan and Rampur police officer Anuj Chaudhary came face to face on Saturday (27). This time there was a heated argument between the two. Azam Khan asked Chaudhary, “Do you remember the favor Akhilesh Yadav did for you?” At this time, police officer Chaudhary also gave him a blunt reply. The video of this incident is also currently going viral in Uttar Pradesh.

What exactly happened?

Samajwadi Party delegation met Rampur Collector Ravindra Mandad on Saturday (27th). On this occasion, SP’s former MPs, MLAs and other leaders gathered at the SP office near Bapu Mall. Azam Khan also reached there and discussed with him. At this time, a large force was deployed near Bapu Mall along with Police Officer Anuj Chaudhary, City Police Inspector Gajendra Singh, Ganj Police Station In-charge Lavsirohi. While returning from office, Azam Khan stopped his car after seeing a large police presence. At that time, a verbal clash broke out between Chaudhary and Azam Khan.

Being a wrestler, the Arjuna Award is not won by anyone

You have a good personality. On this occasion, Azam Khan asked Anuj Chaudhary if he remembers the favor done by Akhilesh Yadav. Chaudhary said on this, I am a wrestler. I didn’t get Arjuna award because of anybody’s favor but I got it because of my performance. Hearing this reply, Azam Khan got into his car and drove away. The video of this case is also going viral.

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