Jalgaon: Paper mill in Bhusawal on fire; A loss of crores of rupees leader

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Jalgaon : Leader News Service

A fire broke out at a paper mill in Sunasgaon Shivara in Bhusawal taluka on Sunday (28th). In this fire, the paper and the entire machinery of the mill got burnt and a loss of crores of rupees was incurred. Fire brigades from various places from Bhusawal and Jalgaon district have been called to douse the fire. The company was closed as it was a Sunday, so there were no employees inside and luckily there were no casualties.

The detailed report is that Sunasgaon Shivara in Bhusawal taluka group no. Sudarshan Paper Mill is owned by Rajendra Chaudhary in 108. Imported paper called duplex is manufactured at this place. This paper is produced in only a few places in the country. Accordingly, this paper is produced in Sudarshan Paper Mill and exported abroad. Today being Sunday The company was closed on 28. Meanwhile, a sudden fire broke out in the company around 11 am. The fire was so fierce that all the contents were burnt causing a loss of crores.

450 tonnes of goods and materials were burnt…

In this incident, nearly 450 tons of duplex paper material, raw material, machine material etc. produced in the company were burnt. The fire was so fierce that even from a distance the flames could be seen. As soon as the fire incident was noticed, the local citizens rushed and tried to extinguish the fire. At this time the police and fire department were informed. After getting information about the incident, Taluka Police Station P.N. Vilas Shende, Assistant Superintendent of Police Amol Pawar, Pohekaw. A team including Suraj Patil, Ganesh Gavhale, Jagdish Bhoi, Talathi Jayashree Patil, Circle Yogita Patil, Mahavitaran team reached the spot. At this time, fire brigades were called from Bhusawal, Deepnagar, Jalgaon. Shardhi’s efforts are on to bring the fire under control with these bombs.

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