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When Life Throws A Fast Ball At Him, He Hits A Sixer
His Instagram bio says he is a cricket analyst, not a fixer or tipper of any
sort. And, if you don’t know what a ‘cricket analyst’ does, he invites your
eyeballs to stay focused on him. You will have your answers!

Sahil Talha, who prefers the suffix ‘Superman’ with his name, is no less
than one when it comes to analysing the performance of a player and
helping him shine his strengths while amping up his game. Not just the
game analyser, but rather the life story of Sahil is of genuine inspiration and
novelty. For someone, who is a successful gamer, an entrepreneur and an
analyst who makes genuine predictions about cricket tournaments, you
might come across false acquisitions about Sahil’s way of working.
However, the man dispels all your doubts. With his hard work and a
go-getter attitude, Sahil plucks up the courage and turns every odd into an

This blog is about the story of a small-town lad, who became the
quintessential cricket match predictor and changed the lives of thousands
of people, for the better. For a few, he is a smart observer and for others,
he is blessed with a divine ability that puts him apart from the row of the
ordinary crowd.

Nevertheless, for Sahil, it could be both…
The man believes in simple rules of living and tough rules for surviving. He
perfectly knows how to hit a sixer when life throws a fast-paced ball at him.
Let’s dive deep into the life of Sahil Talha for whom, life is a cricket
playground and he hits every ball with a full swing….
Having gone to Standford International School Mussoorie, Sahil pursued a
master’s degree from Symbiosis International University, Pune.

During the tough times of Covid 19 pandemic, Sahil came through as a ray
of hope for many families, who lost their livelihoods. To date, he has taken
care of the school fee of countless underprivileged kids and has provided
financial aid to many orphan girls during their weddings. And Sahil doesn’t
prefer to call it a charity. Rather, he believes that it is his responsibility to
contribute his fair share of giving back to society. While Sahil prefers to be
a responsible citizen, his admirers entitle him as a ‘Masiha

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