Satara: Thrill of burning bus on Anewadi highway; 27 passengers survived leader

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Satara; Leading News Service: Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation’s Kolhapur-bound ST bus Vithai caught fire on Monday morning on a bridge near Anewadi toll plaza. Suddenly, the bus got burnt in just 20 minutes. 27 passengers in the bus have escaped from this thrilling incident.

ST (No. MH13 CU 8413) bus from Radhanagari Agar in Kolhapur Division was bound for Pune. On Monday around 11.15 am, she came near the Anewadi toll booth on the Pune-Bangalore highway. While on the bridge here, smoke started coming from the bus engine. After coming to the notice of the driver Sagar Chaugule, he immediately stopped the bus on the highway itself. The smoke started rising from the engine. Driver Chowgule and carrier Sonal Chowgule immediately dropped the passengers. After that, the bus caught fire in just a few minutes. Suddenly the bus was engulfed in flames. Due to the billowing of smoke and the appearance of fire, the area was torn apart.

The bus was completely burnt in just 20 minutes. Bombs from Satara Municipality, Y Municipality and Kisan Veer Factory were brought to the spot. They tried to control the fire. The passengers were sent to Pune by another bus after some time. Traffic on both sides of the highway was blocked for some time due to this incident.

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