Shashikant Shinde: People will break BJP’s dictatorship: MLA Shashikant Shinde leader

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Tasgaon : Leading News Service: Because extreme authoritarianism does not last long, the fact that people tolerate it should not be taken to mean that they are ignorant or afraid. In the history of the world many authoritarian governments have been overthrown by the people. In the future, this will be seen in the country and the state as well. Nationalist Congress MLA Shashikant Shinde warned that the people will destroy the dictatorship of Bharatiya Janata Party today (27th) in Tasgaon.

MLA Shinde was speaking while guiding office bearers and workers in the booth meeting held at Samriddhi Multipurpose Hall here.

MLA Shashikant Shinde said that I have held meetings in many talukas, but the booth organization in Tasgaon taluka seems to be the best. In the future, we will not just form a booth committee and keep silent, but the workers should work to convey the information about the party’s mission policies, development works done during the power period and historic decisions of public interest taken by Sharad Pawar to the people.

BJP can go to any level for power. BJP’s strategy is to break and buy opposition people. If it does not get power in this way, BJP works to bring people into its party by using the mechanisms. The officials and activists of Tasgaon Kavthe Mahankal Constituency should work assuming all these things.

MLA Arun Lad said, late R. R. Patil has developed this constituency. An army of thousands of workers has been prepared. With their cooperation, youth leader Rohit Patil should work to increase the strength of NCP.

Rohit Patil said, NCP senior officials and youths should come together and strengthen the organization. Activists should start working from today to make NCP the number one party in every upcoming election.

On this occasion MLA Suman Patil, Director of Sangli District Central Cooperative Bank Suresh Patil, B. S. Patil, Chiman Dange, Market Committee Director Ravindra Patil, Senior Leader Shankar Patil, Party District President Avinash Patil, Taluka President Vishwas Mane-Patil, Balasaheb Patil, Satish Pawar, Tajuddin Tamboli, D. K. Patil, Anil Patil, Ajit Jadhav, Sambhaji Patil, Youth Nationalist Taluka President Datta Havele, Youth Aghadi Varsha Waghmare along with officials and activists were present.

Shashikant Shinde: The party of three and a half districts will make BJP sit at home

MLA Shashikant Shinde said, many BJP leaders in this state are calling NCP as a party of three and a half districts. However, if all the NCP candidates are elected in these three and a half districts, the BJP can usurp power in the state and make them sit at home. BJP leaders should remember that this will be confirmed in the coming time.

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